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COMMAND Gear, a division of ACK, is the nation's largest distributor of public safety and personal protection products to stocking dealers.  Products from the most elite manufacturers to value oriented items for the budget minded.

COMMAND Gear is a "Pure Wholesaler" who does not compete with you, the retail dealer. We sell exclusively to qualified stocking dealers, like yourself.  We do not drop ship products for non-stocking resellers. We do not sell to end-users, agencies or consumers—EVER!

COMMAND Gear is dedicated to being your supplier, with exceptional services and benefits for our dealers:

  • Access to The Products You Need – COMMAND Gear has the largest complete specialty-manufacture inventory, which means ordering everything you need at once is simple and easy.
  • NO DROP SHIPPING, Never - We value our stocking dealers and the brands that we represent and do not support drop shippers selling on-line based on the lowest price.
  • No Minimum Order – There is no minimum amount for placing an opening order or when reordering.
  • Outstanding Pricing – As a leading industry distributor, COMMAND Gear offers great dealer pricing—at or below factory direct.
  • NO RETAIL SALES, EVER – COMMAND Gear does not sell retail or to ANY Government Agencies. We are your supplier, not your competitor!
  • Lower Shipping Costs – Don't let other distributors negate their deals with inflated shipping costs. COMMAND Gear has fair shipping rates for a multitude of methods.
  • International Shipping – With a multilingual staff and a warehouse located in one of the largest ports in America, we offer quick and low-cost shipping throughout the world. Se Habla Español . . . Nós Falamos Português . . . Wir Sprechen Deutsch.
  • Fast Order Fulfillment – Orders ship within One Business Day.
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What Makes COMMAND Gear Unique?

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COMMAND Gear provides all the professional services that allow you to offer, sell, and stock a vast selection of name brand products. Our staff has decades of experience and we operate from an automated warehouse.  But more importantly we support stocking dealers! 

  • We do not drop ship for dealers that do not stock product. 
  • We do not ship or sell product to end users.
  • We do not provide websites to dealers to facilitate drop shipping.
  • We do not work with third party companies to list inventory on retail websites.

 Unlike our competitors, we value dealers that establish customers and develop products and brands, not drop ship dealers that never stock any inventory.

In addition, COMMAND Gear offers competitively priced products that enable our dealers the flexibility to address both consumer needs and their budgets. COMMAND Gear dealers can also tap the expertise of our professional sales representatives for cost-effective solutions and increased profits, and have access to the best website in the industry.

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Top Selling Products

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  All of the best sellers:
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Restrains Batons

Duty Gear



Knives & Tools

Personal Protectio

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